Bodybuilding & Figure Competition

If you are getting ready for a bodybuilding show in the Greater Cincinnati area, let one of the area’s best get you lean and mean to dominate the stage! Tony will help you with your nutrition, supplement use, training protocols, posing and presentation. With 17 shows under his belt, he is one of Greater Cincinnati’s leading experts to help you achieve your all-time best condition. Here are a few examples of what people are saying:

Michelle Smith

[icon name=”quote-left” class=”fa-2x”] When I decided to start competing in Figure competitions, my husband mentioned Tony at Adrenaline as very knowledgeable and experienced with competition dieting/training. So, I contacted Tony to discuss competing in the 2008 Cincinnati . He laid out an extensive plan where we’d meet every other week to discuss my training, diet plan, and conditioning.

Each session, he’d assess my progress and make changes to my diet so that I would be able to reach my peak shape. We succeeded, because I finished in second place in both the Novice and Open Figure classes at the 2008 Cincinnati .

Also, I went on to compete in the 2008 INBF Tri State Classic where I placed first in the Figure Short class and won the Overall. I firmly believe I wouldn’t have been able to achieve these results without Tony’s vast knowledge of sports nutrition and bodybuilding experience. Lastly, Tony has expanded my knowledge of training/nutrition, has motivated me to continue competing, and I’m looking forward to working with him at Adrenaline for my 2009 season.

Joe Lochard

[icon name=”quote-left” class=”fa-2x”] I wanted to thank you for getting me in the best shape of my life for the 2007 Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships. I cannot put into words how your guidance in training and nutrition helped get me from a soft, flabby 225 pounds down to a lean, muscular 173 pounds.

The “Boot Camps” at ASF live up to the hype and deliver a fun way to burn the calories needed to drop body fat. I could never have been in that condition for my first competition without your assistance. Even playing soccer in college, I was nowhere near that conditioning or able to hold that much muscle. Just as importantly you walked me through every step of the way; supporting me when I needed it yet firm and disciplinary when I strayed off course.

Not only have you walked the walk but you have proven your ability to coach and lead others into competition shape. I am truly grateful for all that you have done for me and look forward to continuing my bodybuilding career and journey with you in my corner!

Skylar Gau

[icon name=”quote-left” class=”fa-2x”] I’ve been going to see Tony since 2007 to help me in my first bodybuilding competition. When I first started, I didn’t know much about what went into preparing for a competition. That’s when Tony explained and started breaking it all down for me. Let me just say that Tony is a scientist when it comes down to nutrition, which is the most important thing in this sport. He totally revamped my diet and explained in full detail how it was going to work and most importantly why it was going to work. He was extremely helpful in getting me ready for my first competition.

With Tony’s help I placed 1st in my class and won ‘Most Symmetrical in Show’ award in my first competition. The following year Tony helped me in my 2nd competition which I placed 1st in both classes I entered in. I truly feel blessed that I met Tony. I know that if I had done things on my own that I would have been taking baby steps forward and maybe a few steps back. But since I have been working with Tony, I have made giant steps forward and have seen incredible changes in how I look and feel. So thank you very much Tony for everything you have taught me and done for me. I look forward to working with you in years to come.

Competition history: Monster Mash 2007 – Novice-1st place; Monster Mash 2008 – Junior Division-1st place; Open Lightweight – 1st place.

Susan Ball

[icon name=”quote-left” class=”fa-2x”] I am 48 years old and have been doing competitions for only 1 1/2 years. People ask me why I didn’t do this when I was younger, I tell them that my kids needed me, they were my top priority at that time in my life. Now my kids are grown, out of the house and I now have the time to do what I love to do best which is be in the gym. All I am doing is taking what I love to the next level.

I met Tony Poggiali through a friend of mine and the rest is history. Tony has been there at my side 100% for me to reach my goals. I am very hard on myself and Tony knows that. He has taught me to accept my body type for what it is and work on my weaknesses and take my confidence and put it on stage. The grueling diet, which we all know is the pits, is not so bad when you see the results. I would always dread the body fat day because of the 9 points, stepping on the scale the precise calculations that Tony would use to tell me what my body fat is. His knowledge in the area of what works and what doesn’t work is amazing.

I remember the time when my body fat didn’t budge for two weeks. He said we have to change something because my body has adapted to what I’m doing. Well, all he changed was my carbs at dinner in which he moved to a mid morning snack. Because of my determination, I did exactly what Tony said and in a week, I lost two percent body fat and was on track again. With Tony’s expertise and my determination, I was able to win 3 out of 4 shows and qualified for Team Universe, the largest drug-tested show in the country. My heart is set on Team Universe in 2009 and Tony will be at my side encouraging me and allowing me to reach my personal goal. I know I will achieve my goal with Tony’s help. No doubt in my mind, I will achieve it. Thanks Tony for all you do for me and all of your clients. You are the BEST!!!!!!!!

Shelly Patterson

[icon name=”quote-left” class=”fa-2x”] I had been lifting weights for some time until I decided to try my first bodybuilding competition. I started attending the Boot Camp class at ASF to help me improve my cardiovascular conditioning. This type of workout proved to be so much more than a cardio workout. The “Boot Camp” experience is so different: We perform plyometrics, use kettle bells, bands, medicine balls, and many other “torture” devices! The boot camp classes toned, tightened and improved my endurance. However; the nutrition regiment that one must follow to get their physique ready for a show is much harder than any workout.

Tony was so knowledgeable and willing to explain the importance of certain foods and when to eat these foods to prepare my body for the show. He put together a nutrition plan three months before the competition and altered it as the date arrived. The only other thing Tony could have done was to cook it all for me! Tony also helped me learn how to pose and spent many hours helping me perfect the poses while at the same time teaching me to breathe through long periods of holding the flexed poses. He even mixed and helped to choreograph the routine. I absolutely loved every second on stage! Over all it was a great experience a mother of three needs to reclaim her body. I placed first in my weight class and second in the overall. Thank You Tony! I am happier, healthier and in better shape than ever before.