SPARQ Testing

Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, and Quickness


SPARQ: the five key elements of athleticism. SPARQ provides athletes across all sports and at all ability levels the training to help them improve in each of the five key elements of athleticism.Additionally, SPARQ provides tools – testing protocols and ratings – to help athletes assess and improve their athleticism and monitor their improvement from year to year. SPARQ is dedicated to giving athletes the information and inspiration they need to improve their athletic performance.

  • upload photos and highlight videos of your best performances
  • showcase your certified SPARQ rating
  • keep a log of your game statistics and training program
  • post links to articles about you and your team
  • get feedback from other players and coaches about your profile

Adrenaline Sports & Fitness is a proud member of the SPARQ Training Network with SPARQ Certified Trainers. Ask an ASF staff member how you can get your Certified SPARQ Rating today!