• Established in 2006, ASF is located by Lakota East High School and has 10,000 square feet with 7000 square feet of training space including 4,000 square feet of Astroturf and 3,000 square feet of additional training area, which includes equipment from Keiser, Kraiburg, EliteFTS, Perform Better and Vertimax.  We stock several kettlebells, battle ropes, sleds, dumbells, medicine balls, Prowlers, bands and tires for your pain and pleasure.
  •  Amenities include a full changing area, showers, lockers, parent’s viewing area, Beverly Supplements.

While it is hard to define, Culture may be the most important component of a business.  Most businesses have Mission Statements and some even have Vision Statements, but what about a Culture Statement?  While these are more of a brain dump than a true statement, it was too hard to narrow it down…

  • A physically active lifestyle is more important than exercise (there is a difference).
  • Everyone is an athlete, they just don’t know it yet.
  • ASF is a playground, not a training facility.
  • We are successful if we can move people from needing activity to choosing activity to loving activity.


  • Each class/session has the following three goals attached to it (stolen from Mike Boyle):
    • Did they have fun?
    • Did they learn something?
    • Do they want to come back?
  • Fun is a prerequisite for all coaches.
  • The biggest thrill we get as coaches is to help people discover their Awesomeness.


  • Our business plan is centered around our Core Values; on people, not numbers.
  • We encourage everyone to be their authentic self inside these four walls.
  • We are dialed-in on who on we are a good fit for, however, we are not for everyone.
  • We understand the power of a collective group of like-minded individuals who can forge personal relationships into a community.  We love the Tribe that ASF has become and welcome the opportunity to have us in your life and to have you in our family.