Athlete Training

The ASF System of Development looks at the athlete, not necessarily the sport in which he/she plays. The Fundamentals have to be taught, applied and correctly executed before an athlete is progressed to more challenging skill development exercises. Our main goal is to develop athletes through skill acquisition and proper and repetitive execution.

Movement Fundamentals

Typical age range 8 to 11. This level teaches the very basics of human movement and coordination. Our main goal is work on the correct mechanics of skipping, running, jumping, hopping, landing, pushing, pulling, starting, stopping, changing direction, and gross motor learning.

We also want to establish a mental library of focus, confidence and engagement. This stage will also introduce the concepts of relative strength and power development.

Performance Fundamentals

Typical age range 12-14. This level builds upon the previous level, and analyzes the needs of a pre-pubescent athlete. The emphasis is still on the Fundamental principles of athleticism, additionally, new concepts are taught and developed, including acceleration/deceleration mechanics, first step quickness, multidirectional speed, agility, transition mechanics, absolute and core strength, etc. Intermediate and some advanced skills are developed in this stage.

Performance Enhancement

Typical age range 15-18. The third level focuses on the high school athlete who has mastered the fundamentals. Based on their biology at the time of training, this level can work on an accelerated basis. As mentioned, the athlete has to have a foundation before there is a progression in intensity, frequency and more advanced goals. With that said, this stage involves more absolute and relative strength and power development coupled with an aggressive mentality towards training, both the process and the outcome.

Elite Level Training

Typical age 18+, focused on next level mindset in intensity of training. A heavy monitoring of work load while still pushing for increased strength, power, speed and endurance standards necessary for the individuals’ sport and level in which they currently participate or are training towards. Supporting and working with the collegiate or professional strength coaches and programming provided by the school or team, to ensure all expectations met when returning for the season.

Team Training

Any age starting at age nine and above can participate. This option allows teams with five or more to have fun with teammates and become better athletes at the same time. Team training rates are determined based on the following three criteria:

  1. Number of athletes [a minimum of five is needed]
  2. Frequency per week of training
  3. Length of commitment of training

All team training must also be done on the same days and times. Please contact Brigit for more information.

The best way to start is a Two Week Trial for $75. It allows the athlete to "sample" our training style, complete a Movement Assessment with our Physical Therapists, get to know the coaches and have some fun! It also gives us a chance to earn your business.
Athlete Training blocks range in price based on frequency and duration to follow.


Summer Hours Effective Monday, May 27th, 2024:


9:00am – College & Elite HS

10:00am – High School

11:00am – Junior High

4:30pm – Youth Movement Fundamentals

School Hours, effective January 4th 2024:


3:15p – Performance Enhancement

4:15p & 5:30p – Performance Fundamentals

6:30 – Movement Fundamentals (Tuesday & Thursdays)

7:30p – Team Training or Batting Cage Rental


3:15p – Performance Enhancement

4:15p – Performance Fundamentals

5:15p – Movement Fundamentals

Saturday: 9:00a; 11:00a

“Hands down the best athlete training in the city. I would never take my son anywhere else and there is no way he would let me. The staff is amazing. Everything the athletes are trained to do shows on the playing field: Speed, strength, quickness and confidence. Adrenaline is the best!”
 -Joe Toepfer
“Thank you for all you’ve done for me.  All the energy, time and resources you’ve given me has been monumental in making me the player – and more importantly, the person – I am today.  I can’t thank you enough for that!”
-Brooke Mauro
“Adrenaline Sport and Fitness has been a key ingredient in the development of my son over the past 4 years. Not only has his speed and strength improved immensely, but the change he’s recognizing with his physical stature has raised his confidence level 100%. Before joining ASF, we researched several local organizations. The one area that attracted us to ASF was the focus on total body development accomplished through low impact and resistance training. The entire staff at ASF is top notch and dedicated to the growth with the young athlete all the way to the professional ranks. I have recommended several families over the years that were searching for training facilities and each one has been extremely satisfied with the overall experience.”
-Chris Kauffung

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