The toughest blog post I’ve ever written (for now)

This is a tough post to write but I want to be open, honest and transparent regarding our situation.

Like most small businesses, we have multiple challenges right now.  In our case: How to coach virtually? How to create value without a facility? How to deliver a session in a different way than in – person?  We are still coaching to the best of our ability, utilizing technology as much as possible.

We are currently using all of the below to continue to help athletes and adults get better right now:

  • Instagram and Facebook daily workouts;
  • Instagram Live speed sessions on Mondays/Thursdays;
  • Team Buildr App, where we can send individualized workouts to do at home, using the equipment you have;
  • Rent equipment from us to use at home;
  • Private Facebook page, where we host live workouts (please ask us to join, if interested).

There is no guidebook for this, so we are adapting each week to what we can work with, and what people like.

We are counting on our community to support us during the shutdown and we will continue to offer our services, just in a different way. 

If you can help that cause, we would appreciate it.  We want to have a gym to train at when this is over! We are planning on opening as soon as we get the green light, and continuing to operate “business as usual”.

Thank you for your support thus far, and please let me know how I can serve you in this shutdown!

Love, Tony

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