ActiveKids is a new program that started in April at ASF.  We are known for helping kids get more athletiIMG_20150806_165240_741c and to improve their play in their given sport but there is also a glaring need for kids to be more active outside of sports.  Plus, the earlier that kids (and parents) can introduce and adopt healthy behaviors, the more success kids will have later in life.

Here is a post to describe the obstacles facing us in 2016.  It is worth a few minutes to get a backdrop on this issue. Needless to say, we feel very strongly about this trend and decided to take action!

The expectation for this program is to introduce healthy behaviors which turn into healthy habits.  We have narrowed down the four categories into:

Social – examples include social media posting, making new friends, gratitude journaling.

Physical (literacy) – examples include 30 minutes of free play, attendance at ASF, leaIMG_20150610_100644_233rning a new skill.

Intellectual – examples include silent reading, learning something new (outside of school).

Nutritional – examples include 3 servings of vegetables, drinking (more) water, trying new foods.

We will take care of the Physical part but the whole family has to be on board with complete child development.   A typical session involves motor skill learning, physical fitness activities, games and/or basic strength training exercises.  The ultimate goal of the hour is to start the process of life-long enjoyment of activity.  Expectations are on the child and the family to address the other three categories; we will be “checking in” to make sure a holistic approach is being utilized at home.


ActiveKids is open to any child ages 10-13; you do not have to be a current client of ASF nor play organized sports to participate.  The program runs twice per week, on a month-to-month basis, or yearly, depending on your situation.    The cost ranges from $99-149/month.

You can register using the form below or call ASF at 779-1234.  See ya soon!!