New option for Vertical Pulling

There are limited number of movements for vertical pulling variations.  They are pretty much a variation of:

  1. Pulling your body towards something (pull up, chin up) or,
  2. Pulling something towards your body (pulldown).

A few years ago, we came up with an alternative that works on option #2, but also really hammers your grip.  Plus it is more fun than the usual options!  Check it out below:


(Added up, it was less than $30 to make.  I found the pulley on ebay for $20).

Who it’s for:  Any one 🙂

Program Design Considerations:  Along side other vertical pulling movements, or in place of vertical pulling movements.  I have used it with just about every athlete but really like it for Gi Jiu Jitsu players, baseball, football, or any other athlete who needs a strong grip in addition to a strong back.

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