Thank you for trying out Adrenaline Sports & Fitness.  We appreciate the opportunity to give us a shot and earn your business.  Here are a few items to go over (in case you were wondering)~

  • ASF opened in 2006; there are two demographics within our walls:  Youth athletes and fitness-conscious adults.  Our number one goal is to have fun.  We view fitness and fun as “partners”,with one not being mutually exclusive over the other.
  • If not read already, the ASF Culture Statement summarizes our philosophy.
  • We have three options for adults:  Large group training, which you are doing now; Strength School; and memberships.  If you have any questions, please talk to any of the coaches.
  • While not directly applicable to you, we also train young kids, starting at age eight.  Athlete training is for kids who want to improve their athletic ability and development; ActiveKids is for kids who don’t play organized sports but want to have fun while being physically fit.
  • There are discounts for family members, including spouse and/or children.

If you have any feedback, feel free to talk to me anytime.  Thanks again for your support!!


Tony Poggiali