What we believe in

We believe…everyone has a birthright to a healthy body.

We believe…in having fun as often as possible.IMG_20141031_142650_032

We believe…that being nice is mandatory.

We believe…that “can’t” is a four-letter word.  “Not yet” is more appropriate [icon name=”smile-o” class=””]

We believe…that play is the most important activity ever.  More important than exercise, lifting, running, etc.  “I want to stop playing and do some structured exercise”, said no one ever.

We believe…in the power of a coach on a child’s life.

We believe…that coaches/trainers are the “doctors” of the 21st century.

We believe…that what you put in your body affects EVERYTHING.

We believe…that passion is the number one quality that a coach can possess.

We believe…that moving as often as possible in as many ways as possible is more important than exercise.

We believe…that sports provide lessons that transcend the sport itself (we also believe that the sports machine is broken and can create more problems than solutions).

We believe…everyone is an athlete.

We believe…in the power of the acquisition of knowledge and the accumulation of wisdom.

We believe…sleep powers everything else.

We believe…that it takes no special talent to try hard.

We believe…that our number one job is to help you find your awesomeness.

We believe…that making mistakes is part of the equation.  In fact, failing might be the greatest teacher.devilangel

We believe…that everyone has a negative and a positive voice in their head; it is up to you to decide whom to listen to.

We believe…that success is a 24 hour job.  “Twenty-four hour athletes” are always thinking…what to eat, how to train, when to go to sleep, how to wind down, how to ramp up, who to add to their life, who to remove from their life, and establishing the correct mindset.

We believe…in the concept of You, Inc.  You are your own business, with two employees:  strengths and weaknesses.  Fire your weaknesses and nurture your strengths.  You are the CEO.  Lead your life, not just live your life.

There you go…20 quick nuggets to think about.  There are quite a few more but that is a good start.

What do you believe in?  If you care to share, leave them in the comments section.

Thank you for reading.

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