Why I Coach – Brian Macdonald

There is a question every individual should ask themselves regarding their profession: “Why do you do what you  do”? After about 2.5 years, I’ve been able to formulate my own answer to this and feel very strongly about it regardless of the short amount of time I’ve been a coach. The answer is simple for me and there are two concrete reasons. First, the impact I can have on the athlete’s lives that I coach. My priority is obviously to make my athletes better in their given sport and to see results, but when a parent pulls me photo-32aside and explains to me the positive impact I’ve had on the LIFE of their child, I simply can not put into words the satisfaction it gives me. I’m not talking just an impact physically, but an all around impact – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Second, the relationships I build with the athletes and adults. Many of the athletes I coach are like little brothers and sisters to me. I truly look forward to seeing them every day and each relationship I have built with them has made me a better person and coach. If anything, I owe thanks to the parents for giving me the opportunity to coach their child.
Money is certainly important, but when I coach it is not about the money. Throughout my long journey in college, switching my major three times and seriously worried I wouldn’t find anything  to do for the rest of my life, I knew one thing:  I wanted to be in a position to help people and make a difference, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to do just that. STAY ACTIVE!

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