Coaching Styles – Creating a Balance

I am sure that many of you have had coaches that you could never forget and you consider family, and other coaches that you can’t even bear to hear their name.  There are so many different coaching styles and they work for different athletes.  There are the coaches who do not have a lower tone than a yell, and there are coaches who you would never hear them raise their voice.  I am not saying there is one coaching style that will work for everyone.  Every athlete is different and requires different coaching cues to succeed.  I believe that there are certain traits that every coach should have. They need to be able to listen to their athletes, learn from their athletes, share their knowledge, and create a comfortable and fun environment.  I believe that at our facility, all of our coaches have these traits.

At Adrenaline, there is Tony, Brian, and myself.  We each have very different coaching styles, but that is a reason I believe we do so well together.  We each have a common goal of helping our athletes improve while having fun at the same time.  Each athlete that comes to our facility is different and having three different coaching styles and personalities, I believe, will help that athlete succeed.  By having different styles, one of us might be really focused on form, while another one of the coaches really pushes the athlete to work harder.  We each have our personalities but we also have a balance between us.  It is also a great learning tool to watch other coaches and see what works for them and what doesn’t work.  They might notice something with the athlete that you never even thought about.  One’s coaching style will most likely keep changing and growing from experience.  There is not a right or wrong coaching style, but there should be a common goal.  Don’t ever stop learning and getting better each and every day.

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