Core Values

This will not be another core exercises article. There are enough of those. The following represent our Core Values. As coaches, what you stand for is arguably more important than what you know. Here are the ASF Core Values:

1. Seek Continuous Improvement – Good Enough isn’t Good Enough.
2. Have Fun and Laugh Often.
3. Strive to Make a Difference with Each Person.
4. Sweat the Small Stuff – Everything Matters.
5. Communicate Your Thoughts.
6. Enjoy Your Work.
7. Have only Good Days and Great Days.
8. Underpromise and Overdeliver.
9. Care – It’s Not That Complicated.
10. Coach When Needed; Listen When Needed.
11. Have Integrity, Passion and Pride in What You Do.
12. Practice Humility – Know What You Know and Know What You Don’t Know.
13. Embrace Your Role as a Coach – You are in a More Powerful Position than You Realize.
14. Evolve as a Coach – Critically Analyze New Ideas and Concepts and Determine Their Value and Place.
15. Be (a) Professional.
16. Practice Productivity: Help as many people as possible in as many ways as possible as often as possible.


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