It’s all about the experience

image This was a photo taken from last years extreme bootcamp group. Truly an experience and built great relationships with these guys.

I am still very new to the strength and conditioning field, but was lucky enough to have been brought on to the Adrenaline staff.  Compared to day one, I have grown and developed more than I could have ever imagined.  Lucky enough to have someone who facilitates such an amazing learning environment like Tony, my knowledge has vastly improved with training and coaching young athletes.  This knowledge is important to have, however he also taught me that training is not what it is all about here at Adrenaline.  In dealing with younger athletes, there needs to be a positive EXPERIENCE paired with the training.  This experience includes building relationships with each and every athlete.  When an athlete starts at Adrenaline, they become part of our family. In one day, I might play the role of brother, father, best friend, etc. This, along with making the training itself fun and constructive, all goes into the experience we create. It is this experience that separates us from other facilities, and why we have such a tight knit, tribe-like, relationship with the people we work with. For me, it’s about the relationships I build, the experience I create and, above all else, that we have fun. A positive experience means positive results! Stay active!

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