Random Thoughts (September 2015)

Every now and then, we will drop some quick bits of info that are more just thoughts than a complete blog post.  If there is enough interest, we can then develop specific topics at a later time. (The coaches name is in parentheses who submitted the idea)

  1. I used to be skeptical about Probiotic supplements, but no more.  Although the jury is alignout about their efficacy, there is no denying the branch of science that deals with the microbiome living in side us.  If we can nurture and feed those little critters, we are so much healthier for doing so. (Tony)
  2. Some of you know I have a serious left shoulder issue and will likely need surgery sooner than later.  I am delaying it as long as possible, and recently tried dry needling with positive results so far.  Here is where I go. (Tony)
  3. I recently joined a gym as it is very hard to train at ASF…too many distractions.  What I have seen has re-confirmed our coaching style as the biggest difference compared to that of a commercial gym environment. (Tony)
  4. By far, the coolest part of our day is getting to know everyone’s story.  The diversity of adults and kids never makes a dull moment!  Thank you for sharing your lives with us. (Tony)
  5. We will be sending out a beta version of a new service, called Progress Reports, to a few parents as a test to see how it goes over.  It is a way to track the progress of your son or daughter as they move through our program. (Tony)
  6. I still don’t know what “in shape” means. (Tony)
  7. Have we forgotten the power of play?  This week, we had just finished our 5:00 class, and per usual a few kids stuck around to play the next warm-up game with the incoming 6:15 class. This happens quite often, but it never really struck me until I chose not to participate and just observed. I instantly noticed the pure joy on each kid’s face and how for some, this is the highlight of their day. The other thing that sticks out is how much “speed and agility” training is present within these games. This is the best form of speed and agility training you can ask for:  a chaotic and reactive environment. I may step in for a few seconds to tell an athlete how they could have been more effective on that play, but a lot of it is self exploration and problem solving on their own. I can give them the tools to work with (technique), but it is up to them to implement and utilize these tools I have provided in this chaotic environment they have to perform in. (Brian)
  8. Keep it simple.  I often hear the question “when can I use those cool parachutes?”, or “when do I get to run with sleds for an hour?”. This goes back to the concept of what people think we do compared to what we actually do. Our philosophy is hammer the fundamentals, and everything else will follow. Every championship caliber team we see in sports all have one thing in common, and that is fundamentals. They have practiced the basics over and over and over until mastery is achieved. The basics are our foundation to athletic development. Without our foundation, our structure will collapse. If there is one thing my athletes will know before their training is finished at ASF, it is the fundamentals of movement. (Brian)
  9. We have one of the few jobs around where we look forward to Mondays and are sad when it’s Friday.  Most people have the opposite feeling. (Tony)
  10. More is Less. I’ve really taken this statement to heart recently and I have been more productive over the past few weeks than I have been in awhile. Simply by committing to fewer things, removing projects from my “to-do” list, and lowering my training volume I’ve gotten more done, and actually gotten stronger. By focusing my energy on one to three main things, I’ve been getting more done. (Neil)
  11. Doing stuff versus getting stuff done. Tony brought this up a few weeks ago and it has been an absolute game changer of an idea for me. No longer am I just running around doing things, I’m doing fewer things at a time but getting them done. Checked off the list done, not just started and set aside. The example he used was running on a treadmill versus running outside; you’re still running, but outside you’re actually getting somewhere. (Neil)
  12. You are awesome! Seriously, you all are. M2 classes, strength school, athlete’s alike, you absolute kill it every single day. You inspire me to continue to train my hardest even when I don’t feel like it. Seeing you psycho’s at 5:30am is crazy inspiring and I love it! Keep up the good work everyone! (Neil)

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