Early sport specialization versus multi-sport athletes

Early sport specialization is something that has become a serious issue in today’s society, and can prove to be detrimental to the athletic development of our youth.  Eric Cressey really hits the nail on the head with this article.  The message being simple, a kid who plays multiple sports will, more often than not, be the better overall athlete, and possess a greater skill set to build off of. I see it on a daily basis with the kids I coach.  The ones who play multiple sports throughout the year excel at a considerably higher rate than those who are limited to one sport.  The learning curve is practically cut in half simply due to the fact these multi-sport athletes have a better athletic foundation and are used to adapting to new movements and skills. We need to get back to letting our kids play multiple sports and not pigeon hole them to one sport at a young age, the results will speak for themselves. Check it out!