Restrict your diet = restrict your life? by Brian Macdonald

This post is sparked by a fantastic blog post by Joe Berardi, co-founder of Precision Nutrition. I highly recommend reading his post as well. We are so accustomed to hearing what we should not eat from the fitness and nutrition industry, especially around the holidays:  For example, don’t touch cookies unless they are gluten free, packed with protein, and all ingredients are organic. Better yet, just pass on that cookie and eat some kale leaves to get you through the evening guilt free! The last part of that previous sentence is what I want everyone to focus on, and unfortunately there are many people who live their lives like this on restrictive diets.

Instead of enjoying the time they are spending with friends and family, savoring each bit of sugary and fatty goodness they take, they are running the numbers through their head of how many calories that cookie is and whether or not they can afford to eat half of it. Restrictive diets are almost like blinders, as they give us tunnel vision and block out everything going on around us. Mr. Berardi puts it perfectly by simply saying “make conscious decisions”. Just slow down, eat, and enjoy those cookies consciously rather than scarfing it all down and feeling guilty for it. He also mentions that we can “enjoy our food, connect with others, and be healthy and fit.”  That sums up the purpose of this rant of mine, we can do it all while still being healthy and fit. Now, I’m not saying to go and scarf down three plates of cookies, what I am saying is to enjoy the moments we have throughout the holidays, the people we love and get to spend quality time with, and yes, enjoy those cookies.

Don’t let a restrictive diet dictate the quality of your holiday season. Make conscious, reasonable decisions, and there is absolutely no reason we can’t enjoy that cookie, cake, or cocktail guilt free. Happy Holidays…the Challenge is only five weeks away!!

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