I have been really thinking about what the culture is, and should be, at ASF.  While it is hard to define, it may be the most important IMG_20141206_142204_930_1component of a business.  Most businesses have Mission Statements and some even have Vision Statements, but what about a Culture Statement?  While these are more of a brain dump than a true statement, it was too hard to narrow it down…so, here goes nothin!

  • A physically active lifestyle is more important than exercise (there is a difference).
  • Everyone is an athlete, they just don’t know it yet.
  • ASF is a playground, not a training facility.
  • We are successful if we can move people from needing activity DSC_0065to choosing activity to loving activity.


  • Each class/session has the following three goals attached to it (stolen from Mike Boyle):
    • Did they have fun?
    • Did they learn something?
    • Do they want to come back?
  • Fun is a prerequisite for all coaches.
  • The biggest thrill we get as coaches is to help people discover their Awesomeness.



  • Our business plan is centered around our Core Values; on people, not numbers.
  • We encourage everyone to be their authentic self inside these four walls.
  • We are dialed-in on who on we are a good fit for, however, we are not for everyone.
  • We understand the power of a collective group of like-minded individuals who can forge personal relationships into a community.  We love the Tribe that ASF has become and welcome the opportunity to have us in your life and to have you in our family.


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