Weight Training Youth Athletes

I often hear from parents of young athletes, “I don’t think I want my kid weight training, it’s just too early and not safe.” The reality of it is, however, quite the opposite. If anything, we are not starting them early enough and preparing them for the sudden strength training demands of high school athletics.  With the focus being on technique and movement patterns rather than weight, young athletes will be well prepared for the demands to come at the high school level.  Shane Nelson, who earned a masters degree in sports science and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist at the high school level, explains why it is so important to start kids early with weight training. Enjoy and stay active!!

Building Youth Weight Training Programs

How deep should you squat?

A great article from Tony Gentilcore regarding squat depth.  Many people I know post videos or blogs bragging about how deep they can get with their squat.  Some people simply are not built anatomically to achieve a deep squat, myself being one of them, so why force this and risk injury to the lumbar spine.  Tony explains why this is and why squatting “ass to grass” is not necessarily the answer.  Check it out!