January 2018 updates

Now that you have stopped laughing from my vintage 80’s fashion sense, here are a few updates to start the new year:

    • The annual Challenge is now in its sixth year.  It has been so much fun each year and we would love for you to join us if you haven’t already.  Our big focus this year is on sustainable habits and behaviors.  Knowing what to do isn’t always the issue but the strategies on how to do it are where we can help!  For more information, check out the Challenge page link.
    • Effective January 2018, the monthly rate for 12 month ATHLETE agreements will increase to $169/month. Since we opened 12 years ago, the annual rate has not changed; while it will increase, we feel it is still a great value.

      There will be a grace period if you would like to lock in your current rate for another 12 months. Please complete the necessary paperwork by January 15, 2018. This applies to 12 month agreements only. If choose not to act by January 15th, 2018, the higher rate will apply should you renew after that date.

  • Please welcome Alice Smith, new performance coach.  Born and raised in Michigan, Alice just completed her degree from Michigan State, majoring in Kinesiology.  Alice played multiple sports in high school and college and just moved to the area in January. She enjoys photography, is a practicing musician and craaaaazy MSU fan!

Finally, we have moved most of our communication to social media outlets, at the expense of email and blog posts.  If you would like to follow us, here are links:






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